Sunday, September 14, 2008

Junior Primary Lesson on Tithing

The lesson I was teaching my 6 year olds in primary was on tithing today. I was trying to find a fun way to teach this concept so I did a web search and found a fun idea. It was on I thought I would share it with you as it was a big hit today!
Tithing and Temples
by Melinda Haney

We first discussed what tithing was and how we got the money to build the temples. Then I gave each child a dixie cup with 10 M&M's in it to represent 10 dimes. I also had a bag of white homemade playdough that was shaped into little balls. If a child wanted to help build the temple, then they put one M&M in our tithing envelope. Since they had paid their tithig, they got one ball of play-dough because they helped to build the temple. Each child got to shape their ball into a stone and then place it on a paper plate and we built a small miniture temple out of our stones. Then we talked about how Heavenly Father always blesses us, and how sometimes it is hard to part with our money (M&M's) but if we follow the Lords commandments He will bless us more then we could ever imagine. So at the end everybody who paid their tithing, got two extra M&M's as their blessings.

(I did have some children who did not want to put one of their M&M's in the tithing envelope because they wanted to eat them all. I told them that was completely fine, because Heavenly Father always gives us a choice. However, if they chose not to pay their "tithing" then they would not get a temple stone to help build the temple, the only way to get the money for the stones was by paying their tithing. Because they all wanted to help build the temple, they all decided to pay their tithing.)


Jackie Howe said...

This is a great lesson. I think we are doing this for FHE tomorrow night. We have been trying to think of a lesson for tithing with our kids. Hope all is well.

Shari said...

What a cute idea!